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chillin' with principe felipe

his name rhymes! also, i have seen all the spanish royalty there is to see

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The Royal Palace is a place to go in Madrid! It is a Hot Spot! You should go to there, say all the tour guides and also all the humans everywhere. You can walk there from the metro station! It's right there! Royal Palace!
So I went.
And yet again my timing defies contemplation, because the FIRST time I went, I accidentally walked in on The Solemn Changing of the Guard, which as a humongo ceremony is performed at the Royal Palace only once a month (one assumes every other changing is just a 'yo bro' high five and peace out sort of thing). I'm not sure why it's called The Solemn, because it was pretty jammin'! There was marching! and a large orchestra/band concert! and a huge and enthusiastic crowd!
Also, entrance to the palace is free for two hours once a month. Ohhhh yeaaaaaahhhhh fifteen euros unspent, thanks King Juan Carlos!

I’m not a huge fan of monarchy as a concept in general – like, oh, you have your own island and more money than any human knows what to do with, since your astonishingly inbred blood relatives a few hundred years ago subjugated, enslaved, and/or robbed millions of people for centuries! remind why you are culturally relevant again….
let me say that yes, the ~romance of it all~ can actually surprise you by being Terribly Exciting!
it’s like you live in a super-dramatic Hollywood film, all the time! when you come out to chill with your loyal subjects at the concert for the changing of your own Royal Guard, there are snipers with huge binoculars sweeping the crowd from every corner of the palace roof!
outside each door to your house stand super-buff men holding large weapons the likes of which no one but Sarah B has ever seen, let alone touched! when you go out for a drive to, you know, anywhere outside your house, you are driven by a chauffeur in a car with black windows, in a caravan of six other identical black-windowed cars as well as multiple police vehicles!
everyone getting together for a luncheon is the subject of national news and recorded by at least four different TV crews!

so the second time i decided to wander by the palace - since, you know, it's super gorgeous and in a great spot and the royal palace
except it was closed! so many disgruntled tourists. but why can't we pay the big bucks and tour the palace !! why is it closed on a random tuesday!?

porque: Los reyes don Juan Carlos y doña Sofía, acompañados por los Príncipes de Asturias, ofrecen este martes un almuerzo a los miembros del Gobierno en funciones que preside José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero.

Their Majesties King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia, accompanied by the Prince of Asturias, on Tuesday offered a luncheon for members of the caretaker government headed by José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero.

in addition to oodles of royals, the 14:15 luncheon was 'attended by the executive office in full'. guess who wandered by, wondering damn there are a LOT of police here, what is up at...13:55? HAHAHA I AM AWESOME.


crazy times, man. I’ve been spending vastly more time pondering the monarchies lately than I have in a realllllly long time – reading some one-euro pulpy romance about the highs and lows and ~secret romance~ of rooming with a (super-fictional) prince in college, watching blonde prince angst in awesomely-dubbed episodes of crap bbc series merlin in three different languages (german so far is the terribad favorite), strangely watching a docudrama on queen elizabeth (did this happen solely because katie mcgrath was princess margaret? no of course not shut up), and spent an evening hearing all about the romance of the current royal family past, super past, ancient, and present (present is definitely the weirdest time). royals! what are you!

anyway! this is why people love Prince Felipe, though; he comes to hang out with tourists and plebes and guard dudes! in his like Armani-lacoste uniform that probably cost more than my whole trip, but there you go. also he is not in the middle of a huge scandal, unlike his brother-in-law.

so yup then alejandro was watching his afternoon reports and hahaha there I was on the news! and I saw like every royal in spain! and felt the weirdness of royal life!

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I love that the Spanish monarchy are the last of the Bourbon royal line. Oh Europe, you're so incestuous.

by Lindsey

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